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How to Build a SLAMhome

A New House in 7 Steps

Building or rebuilding a new home is no small task, but let us break it down in seven easy steps. You can count on the team at SLAMhomes to assist you every step of the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never built a house before. Where do I begin?

Right here. Call for a free consultation and we can help you decide what’s right for you. With 30 years experience in home construction, we can offer plenty of advice with no obligation.

Can I build a SLAMhome anywhere?

All buildings are subject to state and local regulations. But we can ship and build in any approved location at no additional cost, including tight urban lots and remote rural land.

How long will it take to finish my home?

After permits are secured and the foundation poured, your pre-engineered and precision home can be assembled in a matter of weeks, not months.

Are SLAMhomes “prefab”?

Prefab homes are mostly built in a factory and shipped in a few large parts for final assembly. SLAMhomes are not prefab, but assembled on site from prepared 4’ x 8’ panels.

I don’t see the exact house I want. Can you design to my specifications?

We can modify one of our existing models or start from scratch. Call us at 800-674-9802 or email

Can anyone build a SLAMhome?

While we have a list of preferred contractors to choose from, we also offer a simple training/certification for any builder who wishes to use our panels.

I’m planning an addition to my house. Can I use SLAMpanels?

Yes, they can be easily integrated with existing structures. Our panels are faced with sheet rock and prepared to accommodate plumbing and electrical.

What does the base price of a SLAMhome include?

Most construction and finishing costs are included. Custom floorplans, upgrades to the HVAC, fire zone safety and specialty finishes will incur additional cost.

Can you help with home financing?

Yes, we can help arrange financing for your home construction. Our faster build times mean that you can potentially save money on construction loans.

Does a SLAMhome require any special permits?

SLAM homes are subject to the same requirements as any new home, including building setbacks, soils reports, Title 24 energy compliance, etc. We can help you determine the local planning requirements.