Our System Is Our Strength

Precise, patented technology.

Inventor Tom Taylor was inspired by kid’s building bricks, which led him to create the SLAMhomes system. Like those plastic bricks, SLAMpanels snap together easily, create strong structures, and offer unlimited possibilities.

Panels are standardized for greater efficiency. Components are light and sturdy enough to be transported to virtually any location, for buildings of any size.

Because our SLAMpanels are computer-engineered in 3-D for each project, assembly is done by-the-numbers, with less waste and more exacting results.

Watch this video to see how three men assembled a 320 sq. ft. SMART In-law in just one day.


It all starts with SLAMpanels.

The basis of our patented system is this steel-framed panel, stronger and straighter than conventional “stick” framing. Ready to ship and easy to assemble, our frames cut average assembly time by 30%.

Our panels are the building blocks for all SLAMhomes. They can be configured in new designs or used for additions to existing structures. Sheathed in conventional sheet rock, the panels are easy to work with, yet incredibly precise.

Anyone with an interest in our product can learn to use the system, and we offer certification for contractors and builders who wish to be part of the SLAMhomes team.

Made in America.

Our panels use locally-sourced materials, including steel from Cemco and wood from Reclaim Arbor. Together with SLAMhomes, they are dedicated to supporting the local economy and protecting our environment.

While our system is based on 21st century innovations, we’re rolling back prices to 20th century levels. A ready-to-move in SMART In-law starts at $180 per sq. ft. (That’s 25% lower than the national average for homes, according the National Association of Home Builders in 2017.)